5 Best Cafe Racer Motorcycles

5. Moto Guzzi V7 II Racer

The absolute champion of the modern cafe racers is the Moto Guzzi V7 Racer. With no doubt one of the best looking bikes you can buy. It’s characteristic (grumpy and bumpy), high torque 744cc v-twin puts out around 48hp and is powered with a shaft drive. 48hp doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you look at the dry weight of 179kg and consider the torque of 43Nm, you know that’s it’s a lot of fun to ride. And then that sound….! Count on a lot of neck-twists when riding this beauty!
Stock price: ,490

4. Triumph Bonneville Thruxton

Another “heavyweight” champion between the modern cafe racers is the Triumph Thruxton. We’ve set this one at 2nd place because the fact that the bike is actual very heavy for a cafe racer: the dry weight is 214kg. Despite the fact that the 865cc parallel-twin has more power (69hp and 51Nm) than the Guzzi V7 Racer, it has also more “fat” to move.

Beautiful design, powerful engine and lots of ways to personalize it. Not only a great choice for those who just want to buy-and-ride, it’s also a bike custom builders like to work with.
Stock price: ,799

3. Ducati Sport 1000

The Ducati Sport1000 is a direct inspiration of the 1973 Ducati 750 Sport with a typical one seated cafe racer look. For t a stock price of ,995 you got a lightweight bike with adjustable suspension, USD front fork, Brembo brakes and a powerful 2 cylinder engine. The remarkable 992cc L-twin puts out an awesome 92hp and 90Nm. Considering the weight of 179kg this thing goes like a rocket! Too bad that they’ve stopped the production of this awesome modern classic in 2009 and that there aren’t a lot of used models to find.
Stock price: ,995

2. BMW R nineT

In 2014 BMW came up with an answer to the modern cafe racer: the awesome BMW R nineT. The price of almost 15k is high, but you get a lot for that: adjustable USD fork & rear shock, Brembo brakes (with ABS), single seat and classic cafe racer rear end, beautiful wired wheels and a powerful BMW boxer engine which transfers al the power to the rear wheel with a shaft drive.

The air-cooled 1170cc boxer engine is good for 110hp and a crazy torque of 119Nm. With a dry weight of 222kg it’s sure is not the lightest, it’s handling and power makes it feel lighter than you expect. The R nineT is also a good bike for daily use.
Stock price: ,995

1. Norton Dominator SS

This is the world’s first sight of the fully road-legal version of the new Norton Dominator SS, which will be officially launched this weekend. There are two versions of the Dominator. Both are road-legal and compliant with Euro3 emissions rules, but they differ in terms of specifications. The top-of-the-range and limited-edition SS model you see here will cost £24,500 and the standard bike will be £19,950.

Norton owner Stuart Garner told MCN: “The Dominator is an important new model for us and it answers a lot of people who have been asking for this bike to be built since the Domiracer sold out so fast. We were seeing some Domiracers going for £40,000 on the used bike market.”
Stock price: approx. ,500

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