TRUE BOHEMIANS II BUDVAR & BOLT – Andrew Almond of BOLT Motorcycles visits the brewery in Budweis

To celebrate their shared values and vision, Budvar and BOLT motorcycles London are teaming up on a new project called TRUE BOHEMIANS. This will see the iconic Czech brewery and East London’s custom bike workshop, apparel and art store creating a bespoke Budvar motorbike for an epic 1000-mile road trip.

The name is both a nod to South Bohemia in the Czech Republic – home of Budweiser Budvar – and a salute to that other well-known definition of ‘Bohemian’: original, nonconformist, outside the norm, creative and flying in the face of mediocrity to do things your own way.

Over the next three months Andrew and BOLT’s network of experts and craftsmen will take a boxy, black and non-too-beautiful Czech motorcycle and transform it into something extraordinary: a cool, stylish custom Budvar bike that echoes the shape and design of the classic Czech rides of the 1940s-60s. Inspired by Budvar’s brewing story and heritage, vintage bottle artwork and branding, the Budvar Bike will feature stunning design details: a fabricated frame; hand-painted tank artwork by one of the UK’s leading sign-writers; bespoke, hand-tooled leatherwork and even a copper ‘beer’ tank that echoes the iconic brew kettles and conditioning tanks from the brewery.

Once complete, the bike will debut at Bike Shed in London on the 25th May before Andrew undertakes another challenge: riding the custom Budvar Bike across Europe to the Budvar brewery in Budweis, Czech Republic.