10 Insane Motorcycles You Won’t Believe Are Real

Top 10 most amazing and unbelievable bike designs from a motorcycle straight out of an anime to hubless motorcycle.
5 Akira
This one is something anime fans will love to hate. Shotaro Kaneda’s bike from the cyberpunk anime Akira has popped out of the world of Neo-Tokyo and right onto the roads in our own real world. It was built from the ground up by a man called Masashi Teshima, from Fukuoka in Japan. He thought that he would like to have an Akira motorcycle for himself, so he went ahead and spent seven years and ¥ 10 million (that’s around US $ 121,000) to make one all of his own. Of course there are many other bike building projects out there that are based on Akira, but this one was actually officially recognized as a legit replica by the very creator of Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo. Its crafty owner took it for a lengthy ride across the country to raise money for dealing with the problem of children’s autism, before displaying it in an exhibit in Tokyo To raise money for earthquake victims.
4Concept 6
This handsome motorcycle is BMW’s model, called Concept 6, and it was first introduced at the EICMA show in Milan. It might not look all that fancy and futuristic at first glance, but if you give it a second look, you will notice that the design incorporates many different aerodynamic elements, so it is a nod to smarter solutions. That also holds true for its engine, which has six cylinders, and this is also where the idea for the motorcycle’s name came from. Compared to the four-cylinder engine units, the new six-cylinder model produces horsepower that is in about the same output range, but is more economic in regards to fuel consumption, because it also includes a fully controlled catalytic converter. That is to say, in the long run, the Concept 6 is more environmentally friendly than its four-cylinder cousins and is likely to save you some money along the way.
3Mission R
Mission R by Mission Motors is a road monster with 161 horsepower ready right there on hand. The power source behind that mean number is a 120 kilowatt motor working hand in hand with 12 kWh lithium ion batteries, also available as 15 kWh or 17 kWh variants. What that means in basic English is that you can achieve the speed of 60 miles per hour in a mere three seconds. The maximum speed of this motorcycle is 140 miles per hour. Wow. The whole vehicle weighs around 550 pounds (that’s around 250 kilos). Depending on how its rider handles the throttle, Mission R gives the person a range of 80 – 100 miles. The vehicle/rider interface is right from the future front, enabled for cellular data and based on a high resolution touchscreen instrument cluster. The interface is called MIssionOS and it supports both GPS and Bluetooth. Best of all, the bike’s batteries can be fully charged in less than two hours.
This is the Tesseract by Yamaha, which was first introduced at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. It was designed by Luciano Marabese, whose family founded the Italian company Quadro Tecnologie which produces similar tilting vehicles. Yamaha calls the Tesseract model “a four-wheeled motorcycle” , because it can bank like a regular motorcycle thanks to its tilting wheel suspension (which Yamaha refers to as a Dual Scythe Suspension System) and because its frontal profile is about as narrow as any other regular motorcycle. It still has four wheels, though, so it is technically a quadricycle. Whatever you call it, it is an impressive hybrid vehicle with an ecological motor solution. It is powered by a combination of a liquid cooled V-twin 2 cylinder gasoline engine and an electric engine, which significantly reduces the harmful emissions. It can stand upright without a kickstand, thanks to a dual arm lock system built into its upper arms, and the mantis-like design just adds to the appeal.
1Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV
This is the Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV, which was revealed to the public back in 2013, at the Tokyo Motor Show. If you think it looks incredibly similar to the Tron Lightcycle, that is because it was inspired by it, except that the J glows bright green. You can ride it in two different modes: the Sport Mode and the Comfort Mode, and it actually changes its form to fit each one, so you are basically looking at a Transformers bike here. The Sport Mode puts you in a low riding position to increase the overall speed, whereas the Comfort Mode is set up for a higher stance with the front wheels more widely apart, for a more relaxed experience. As far as steering goes, forget all about the typical wheels and handlebars. The J relies on a pair of levers, which are actually pretty similar to those you would find on a zero-turn ride-on lawn mower.
Gottlieb Daimler and his partner Wilhelm Maybach are credited with inventing the first motorcycle, because they created the first gas engine one. There were man self propelled bicycles created, but there’s was the official motorcycle.