2018 Harley Davidson MotorCycles/ kids riding dirt bikes

We are going over to the Thunder tower Harley Davidson Motorcycle shop over in Morrow Georgia to see the New 2018 Harley Davidson line up and see how the shop is. I am very excited to see what Harley is doing with it’s new bikes. After that Nathans friends will ride the SSR dx 110 pit for the first time. I hope it still runs.
I really want to thank You, YouTube, Thunder Tower Harley and everyone else that mad this video possible. You are appreciated, much love from Us to You!!! 50 Gigawatts Baby!!!

Song used TFB9/ vibe tracks/ Dance

here’s the channel Everyone http://www.youtube.com/c/loverboy

Addison’s channels https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjiWaBFL5zNT864X6l0mQqw
Here’s the top speed on the RM 85 Suzuki