Bike lift for Indian Motorcycles, Spirit Lake Polaris Indians

The IB Bike Lift being used under a 2014 Indian Chief Vintage. This lift comes with specially designed adapter rails which lift the Indian up from the engine mounts rather than the crank case.

Slide lift in from the right side. Line up left side mounts. Ensure clutch cable is out of the way of the left front lifting point. Commence lifting of bike by pumping the jack handle after ensuring the control valve is screwed in all the way clockwise. The bike will lift and gradually drop onto the right side lifting points. At this time I just double check the lifting points are all in alignment. The lift to maximum height. The yellow safety lock will drop down about 20mm before maximum height is reached. When lowering bike (slowly), lift safety lock up until the jack gets to a point where you can flip it down again. Do not lower the bike with the safety flap up. As you can see, the rate of decline can be managed very well.