Motorcycles for Short Riders | How to Choose a Bike

Short and want a motorcycle? Today we will go over some of the very basics you need to think about when shopping for motorcycles, and some of the aspects of each bike you should look at, and compare to your own needs. Hopefully this will help show you how to choose a bike that suits you, as an individual.

There is more to picking a bike than just low seat height. For a short rider, you must consider these things….
– Is the seat narrow enough to fit me comfortably to keep my legs in proper position?
– How much does the bike weight, and do I have the strength to balance it?
– What is my purpose for wanting a bike, and how often will I use it?
No matter what some people might say, don’t be pressured into riding something you don’t feel comfortable sitting on. If you have any questions or concerns about riding a motorcycle as a shorter person, feel free to comment below, or send an email to [email protected] I’m here to help!

Not feeling confident you can handle a bike? Let me ease your worries. This is a video on how I manage standard height sport bikes, and a general overview of what difficulties to overcome as a short motorcycle rider, men or women.

Pt. 2 Demonstrations:

**Genuine Kawasaki Seat Cowl – White

**Genuine Kawasaki Seat Cowl – Black

**Yoshimura Alpha Exhaust

**MZS Shorty Levers

**The camera used in this clip:

**The microphone:

** Get the Z fender elimination kit here:

**Bar end mirrors:

**LED Headlight:

**LED corner markers:

**LED accent lights:

**Motorcycle stands:

**More videos coming soon!!


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