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Another special day because we are picking up the other motorcycles at the Valparaiso cargo depot! After back and forths for documentation in Santiago and Valparaiso, including clearing the motorbikes with customs, they are ready for pickup. At the cargo depot we have to wait a few hours before we can remove the motorcycles from the transport crate. Connected the batteries and the Transalps were good to go. The cargo manager cleared the motorcycles and after they were good to go on the road. South America now three Transalps richer on the road. For my friends it was a great relief to finally have their bikes back on the road again. The have successfully shipped their motorcycles to valparaiso by boat.

My name is Pedro Mota and I ride my trusty Honda Transalp motorcycle around the world. Me and Alp have been on the road now for over two years and have ridden through over thirty countries. This motorcycle adventure has taken us through Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, East Asia and Australia. Meet great people, see extraordinary places. Join me on this motorbike ride around the world and experience life on the road.