Yamaha MT-09 Trike MWT-9 3-wheel motorcycles will be on sale in 2018

The Yamaha MT-09 Trike (MWT-9) is the name of a stunningly designed 3-wheel drive vehicle, which caught the attention of visitors at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015. The technology inherited from the naked -bike MT line, used MT-09 engine, is like the big version of TriCity model.

The MT-09 Trike features a 3-cylinder engine block of 850cc straight. The bike features two front wheels that incorporate a pair of Upside Down fork each, creating a bunker for the vehicle, Yamaha said. Steering wheel completely new, the motorcycle is extremely quiet and safe … Outstanding car design. In addition, tail design is also Yamaha thorough investment, modern design and proportional to the MT-09 Trike’s immense appearance.

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