Motorcycles are dangerous. BULL$HIT!

My views on motorcycle riding and the claim that it is a “dangerous” act that many shun up in these nanny states.

Attention is mostly given to external circumstances outside of a riders control and not so much focus on the rider and the choices he makes.

My message is simple. A rider that takes full responsibility for his own safety. Steers clear of having a victim mentality and as such does not become a victim of circumstance. The rider can create his own circumstances, riding safely and not being caught up in what others are doing on the road.

You have more control on a motorcycle than you think. Sure, there is the one in a hundred thousand chance when you become a victim of unlucky physics. But the other 99,999 times the choice is yours how you want to ride and how safe you want to be.

Motorcycles are dangerous, I call this bullshit – it’s what you make it to be.

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