Harley Davidson listened to us! (The girls are getting motorcycles)

Harley Davidson listened to us! (The girls are getting motorcycles)

PLOT TWIST! Turns out Harley Davidson changed their mind and decided that Jessica Hagget and Lady Lassen are going to get motorcycles as well. I’m glad thats happening, they deserved to get them. Do I think that it’s because of my video? While the coincidence is pretty funny, no I don’t think it’s because of my video. I think it’s just cause enough people got pissed off and said something about it, which I love. It means Harley Davidson is listening to us…. and thats a good thing. Of course Harley is claiming they always planned on giving them bikes… but I remain skeptical on that front. What do you think?

Here’s last weeks video on the Harley reveal if you wanna catch up https://youtu.be/6JsBZVo1q3Y

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I promise guys, there’s more content coming that isn’t just me complaining about Harley Davidson. We’ve got some dirt bike stuff and a few more California adventures planned soon so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for sticking with me guys, keep it weird #shadetreearmy