Swarming motorcycles paralyze Toronto traffic

On Sunday, August 6th, while we drove home from Pearson International on the 409, we were suddenly swarmed by hundreds of crotchrockets that simply paralyzed traffic. Thankfully the OPP showed up, but with only 3 cruisers, there’s only so much they could do. Unfortunately I ran out of space on my phone and it stopped recording, as we saw the OPP chase after one bike that cut across a couple solid lines, into an on-ramp and back on again to pass cars. We went to the Collector lanes, and the bikes went on to Express.

My dad has had a motorcycle for some 25 years. I’ve seen the good and the bad of driving bikes. As far as I’m concerned, these sport bikes should be banned from the road, or at least governed to limit speed. Mind you, you can’t limit stupid and careless.