Stupid motorcycles thieves busted after posting pictures stolen luxury bikes on Facebook

Allow me to introduce you the Dumb and Dumber from Manchester, England in real life.

Two Salford men from Manchester were caught by police after posting pictures of themselves with the stolen luxury motorcycles and cars on Facebook. The party eventually ended after a six-month investigation carried out by Greater Manchester Police, when evidence of their theft was found on their social networking accounts.

Jonathan Dougan, 26, and Matthew Murphy, 23 were linked to 14 thefts and robberies in north Manchester, Bury, and Salford between November 2012 and June 2013.

Typically, victims came home to find patio doors opened, with car keys and valuables stolen. Among all high-value vehicles they hauled was a £30,000 Mercedes E820.

The victims even included a Broughton couple who were both being treated for cancer. Their stolen Honda Accord was found smashed into a tree in Openshaw after a 70mph police chase.

The duo’s raid spree finally came to an end when the owner of a stolen KTM motorbike was tipped off that Dougan was responsible and he logged on to find a Facebook picture of Dougan straddling on it. Police later found a treasure trove of evidence on both of their accounts.

The pair are now behind bars where they will spend nine years and four months after they both pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court for conspiring to steal.

A third man, Daniel Breeze, 19, also from Salford, is due to be sentenced next month after he admitted conspiracy to steal.


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