Royal Enfield 2017 Wheels and Waves Custom Motorcycles

Wheels and Waves is a unique gathering of like minded motorcycling enthusiasts, experts and customisers creating an atmosphere of creativity and fun unlike any other motorcycling festival.
Come 2017, Royal Enfield in collaboration with Sinroja Motorcycles from UK took two completely different platforms- the #ContinentalGT and the #Himalayan and interpreted them into two unique expressions at the custom motorcycle stands as a part of the Royal Enfield Showcase – the #Surfracer and #GentlemanBrat.
With less than 12 weeks on the table, the team got down by stripping off and building up the motorcycles ground up while making sure that they come out as canvases that translate the spirit of the festival. – Watch their story unfold in the final part of the series here.
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