Today in this video I will be showing you people Top 10 World’s Newest Motorcycles of 2017.

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The past year saw scores of new motorcycles introduced and some new technological trends gain ground. From turbo-charged commuters to overpowered race specials and from electronic safety equipment to smartphone integration, motorcycle technology in 2015 had something for every taste.

A major driving force in the motorcycle industry is European legislation. As a new set of emission standards comes gradually into play during the next 365 days, manufacturers are coming up with ways to keep their engines’ specs within legal boundaries without sacrificing too much power – and this seems to entail the demise of the air-cooled engine. Rare examples like Moto Guzzi’s V7 and V9 or Ducati’s Scrambler simply prove that liquid cooling can only be avoided when horsepower is not the dominant selling point. On the other hand, Triumph and BMW have already broken new ground with liquid-cooled versions of the boxer and the in-line twin engines.

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