Chinese Motorcycles.

So Chinese Motorcycles its a subject that always starts arguments,

As I say People opinions on them are so often massively ill informed that I really dont pay any attention to them, However the whole stereotype dose annoy me as I think the bikes I have owned have show for the money they cost they really good! No High tech stuff just a pure bike for riding.

Also as I say I can only really talk for the Sinnis and the Pulse I talk about them at length in this video

I don’t deny they may well need more maintenance but if you keep it up the bikes seem to age well, Apart from the bloody plastics on the Pulse!

Andy Sills are a bike shop and a Sinnis dealer in waterlooville great guys




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Bike: Sinnis Apache 125cc with D.E.P 3 exhaust.

Chain Oiler from Tutoro

Helmet: Icon Variant


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How its going to work!

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PM me asking for a sticker you will not get one! and remember this is random
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I retain the right to cancel this at any time, I take no responsibility for loss or damage
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Good Luck! _____
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