Stunt Toys Game – TRAINS AND MOTORCYCLES! – Stunt Toys Gameplay and Review

Welcome back to some more Stunt Toys gameplay! In this episode we focus on getting more of them beautiful golden and blue stars and unlock a train and motorcycle!

Hello everyone and welcome to Stunt Toys! Stunt Toys is a new game I found on steam that reminds me a TON of Crash Wheels, an old game I played on the channel! Stunt Toys is pretty awesome because your basically a Hot Wheels car, driving around a huge house.. and then you leave the house and the world expands!

Stunt Toys has some pretty unique gameplay, as its basically just exploring the lands and collecting the hidden stars! There is also time trials, destination trials and such like that which reward us with golden stars when completed!

Keep in mind, if you like the gameplay you see for Stunt Toys and wish to buy it, make sure you have a CONTROLLER! Stunt Toys will NOT work with a mouse and/or keyboard!

Stunt Toys Playlist:

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Stunt Toys Steam Description:

A fun physics based toy sized vehicle game, fast paced with a large range game modes throughout single player and multiplayer.

Single player will test the skill level of individuals on a sand-boxed Island resort.

Players can experience up to 4 players battling it out in the tournament style playlist of Party mode.

33 Single player objectives

12 Physics based Vehicles

12 Contraptions to help complete objectives or just have fun with them

30 Local multiplayer maps, can be played consecutively for a heated tournament setting

Stunt Toys is a unique game that reminds me a ton of crash wheels.. and the reason I say that is the driving mechanics and gameplay is very similar! The cars in both Stunt Toys and Crash Wheels both have slightly rigid controls, leading to pretty spastic movements when trying to speed up or turn the vehicles.

Stunt Toys is also pretty unique in its gameplay in the sense that there really is no objective except to collect stars and unlock new vehicles. Where as in Crash Wheels, the objective was to simply finish the course, with no regards on needing to come in first or last place.. as long as you finished, the game rewarded you!

When you first start the game Stunt Toys and experience the gameplay for the first time, its a bit.. overbearing as you literally have no idea what to do. After being in Stunt Toys and messing arorund with the gameplay for a bit, you start to understand what you are supposed to do and such.