How did I Afford my 3 Motorcycles – ZX6R, DRZ400SM and Shadow 400

Some of you wonder how I can afford 3 motorcycles despite not being extremely well off myself. Well, the answer is just basic budgeting and patience. There really is no excuse to not be able to save money buying directly from others nowadays with online tools like Carousell.

Here’s hoping you guys find these little tips a bit useful when planning to buy multiple motorcycles of your own.

Also for all those insured under NTUC, do remember to pick up the free OrangeSafe Defensive Riding Course that gives you a 1-time only 10% discount when you renew your policy.


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What gear/equipment do you use?

– Yamaha FZ16 (2012-2016)
– Honda Shadow 400 American Classic Edition (2013-Present)
– Suzuki DRZ400SM (2016-Present)
– Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 (2017-Present)

– DJI Osmo
– Panasonic GX-7
– Panasonic GX-8
– Nikon D7000
– Contour +2
– Drift Ghost-S
– iPhone 6S

– Speed and Strength SS700
– Nexx X30V
– BKS Techno Red
– Held Alcatar
– Shark Vancore
– Masei 802
– Icon Airframe Pro Pleasuredome 2

– River Road Twin Iron Shorty

– TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes

Editing Software:
– Blender
– Sony Vegas Pro 13
– Adobe Lightroom
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator