U.S. Army veterans ride motorcycles from Alaska to Argentina through the “Darien Gap”

When you attend the Overland Expo you see amazing vehicles…but whats even more impressive is meeting amazing people.

I spotted a guy named Wayne Mitchell sitting on a 2017 Kawasaki KLR650 with a sidecar and asked him what was the story with the bike?

He said he was a part of a group of U.S. Army veterans (paratroopers and combat photographers) who decided that when they return from the war in Afghanistan they wanted to go on an epic adventure on motorcycles.

In short, they came home from the war, got some sponsors such as Gerber Knives (and a few more) and began their new adventure.

The part that scared me was when he said they were going to ride their bikes through the “Darien Gap” which is a 100 mile area between Panama and Columbia that has no roads. Just single track trails through the wild jungle.

This area is full of drug runners with AK47s, greedy kidnappers, factions of political guerrilla fighters and the infamous federal police that isn’t known to protect & serve. I am truly afraid for these guys. Most travelers simply take a boat around this area to avoid the dangers.

I wish them all the luck in the world to complete their adventure and come home safe.

Follow them on their website and social media.



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