The Best Adventure Motorcycles – KTM 1290 Super Adventure R 2017 – Test Ride & Review

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R 2017 – Test Ride & Review

Finally I have a chance to ride this motorcycle. It was really great experience. The guys from KTM did wonderful job. The machine has fantastic design and very good finishing quality. Austrian company really pay attention to each detail. The logo “Ready to race” is not only advertisement, the bike is ready to race at any time. The engine is 1,301cc and delivers 160 H.P. It’s coming with 21-18Inch tires and spoke wheels. Double disks ,320mm front brakes and fully adjustable WP suspension. The tank is 23 litters and the wet weigh of this motorcycle is 240kg. Handling on the street is so easy and you can’t feel the weight. It is heavy, but it is still the lighter in the category. These are the pros, let’s talk about the cons:
The windscreen has new design, which I don’t really like and the wind protection is not good and the problem is that they still haven’t after market solutions, maybe next year. The second and the biggest cons for me is the price. This model starts from 17,000 euro. Of course keep in mind that to ride this heavy beast off road, you will need proper riding skills and they not coming when you purchase the motorcycle.

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