AWESOME Motorcycle VS Cops 2016 Police Chase Stunters Doing Illegal extreme freestyle motorcycle stunts on busy public city street stunt bikers ride wheelies & act a fool putting on a side show at busy intersection at a stop light while other car drivers become part of the live illegal stunt show in Kansas City, MO till cops chase bikes caught on video tape 2016!!! Bike VS Police video clip street bikes perform dangerous tricks & stunts with no regard for the laws or law enforcement. Watch as motorcycle stunters play in traffic literally in major heavy traffic intersection. Stunt motorcyclist stunting show off their street stunt riding skills riding wheelies around, beside, & through automobile displaying great bike control on busy roadway till police our called & quickly show up on the scene rolling up with two KCPD patrol cars deep with lights & sirens flashing police chase motorcycle stunters in hot pursuit briefly but luckily for this group of bikers the police officer who responses is probably as awesome of cop as you’ll ever find to be chased by while caught red handed shutting down busy public roadway to put on a side show to do illegal extreme motorcycle stunts like multiple street bike riders riding wheelies in the middle of a intersection as traffic comes to close for most bikers comfort while riding on two wheels let alone while only balancing the whole time on only one wheel riding the entire time on the rear tire only in a wheelie while also going in a circle. The group of bikers evades cops with no plans of stopping for KCPD officers while continuing to ride wheelies down the street while running from the cops & getaway but no longer blocking the intersection the motorcycles check it moving to get away for police officer an not get arrested or busted by police officers. Most of the stunt motorcyclist riding in this large pack of bikers our riding Japanese sport bikes or crotch rockets made by Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, or Yamaha most our either 600cc or 1000cc high powered race bikes made for racing at high speeds the rider video taping this insane cop chase video clip is riding a motard or supermoto dirt bike the make & model is a Suzuki DRZ400SM or DRZ400 custom built, fully modified, & set up for the soil purpose of performing stunts on the streets as seen in this video clip. Please enjoy this Bike VS Cop video clip of the best police officer ever in my book 🙂 considering the situation please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, & THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!

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