History of Suzuki Motorcycles

In this video, we go over the history of Suzuki Motorcycle company since its foundation in 1909. We cover a wide variety of motorcycles, including world famous GSX-R family, RM-Z series as well as the racing evolution of Suzuki company.
We start off by talking about the origins of Suzuki company. It started as a loom works company in Hamamatsu, Japan. It wasn’t up until 1952 when Suzuki released its first proper motorcycle. “Power Free” model saw the world. It was the first motorcycle of the company. Then the company moved on and produced the Colleda series motorcycles, which became the turning point for the company as it concentrated its efforts on producing motorcycles. The series included Colleda COX, Colleda ST and Colleda Sel Twin. It also carried on into 60s, being reflected as motorcycle grand prix team name. Later it was renaimed to Suzuki factory team.
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