Motorcycles -Only Traffic Stop, UES Manhattan

The NYPD has had teams of patrol cars and scooter cops pulling over every motorcycle and scooter (250cc or over) for several days now on the upper east side of Manhattan, checking for license, registration and insurance.

The motorcycle and scooter riders of New York City are sick and tired of being treated like criminals while motorists’ ever increasing distracted and careless driving continues to drive up motorcyclists’ fatality rates.

This practice of focusing on motorcycles is nothing new. The NYPD has conducted at least 16 motorcycle -only checkpoints that we know of this summer (as reported to the NYMSTF by motorcycle and scooter riders). This has been going on for a few years and keeps getting worse.

The good news is that the officers conducting this stop were courteous, quick and professional. The bad news is they stopped me for absolutely no reason at all, and I have been stopped twice already this summer, again for no reason at all. Worse yet, officers conducting the last traffic stop inspected the motorcycle but had no idea how to identify certain obvious violations.

Motor vehicle laws should be enforced equally among everyone who shares our roadways. This harassment must stop, and New York City should use its resources to help save the lives of motorcycle riders, not abuse their constitutional rights.