10 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Motorcycles

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Motorcycles

After doing some research I am diffidently sold on one of these!

10 – More Acceleration. It is true that gas bikes are lacking in the acceleration when compared to an Electric Motorcycle. The lightning LS-218 Superbike can go 0-60 m/h in 1 second. The closest modern gas bike only gets 2.5 sec on a 0-60 run.

9 – Less Maintenance. Nobody wants to spend a ton of time maintaining their ride. Electric Motorcycle has no oil changes, no air filter changes, no spark plug changes, no engine work!

8 – Batteries Last the Lifetime of the Electric Motorcycle. With an average of 200,000kms per battery pack before they start to die, I am pretty confident that your battery will last the lifetime of the bike.

7 – Fuel Economy. An Electric Motorcycle gets an average of 475 MPGe when compared to a gas engine.

6 – No Clutch or Shifting Gears. Mostly it is the ladies that struggle with gears and clutches, that is not an issue anymore. No skill required you just press and go.

5 – Quiet Bike. Most riders say that you can’t even hear the Electric Motorcycle over the road and wind noise and you ride down the highway.

4 – Cool Designs. The designs are getting easier to look at. I think the first space age designs did more harm than good, holding back the public from getting behind this movement.

3 – Price. As of filming this the price is still fairly high. You can get just about any gas equivalent for about half the price. Hopefully that changes in the near future.

2 – Acceleration Control. Because you can put a computer on an Electric Motorcycle you can program how the acceleration is delivered. This means in a corner can be controlled more efficiently so you don’t end up over accelerating and dying.

1 – DIY Kit. You can build an Electric Motorcycle from kits that can be purchased online. It will cost you around 00.00 to get everything up and running but I am sure you could find the parts separately and save some money.

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