Gain Confidence on Motorcycles in 7 Steps

Overcome your fears and build confidence in 7 steps. Riding a motorcycle in constant fear of a crash is just as bad as overconfidence. Sure, fear is a good thing because it keeps you alert. But it makes the ride a lot less enjoyable. And besides, too much of anything isn’t good for you. It’s all about balance.

Here are 7 steps to conquer your fears and gain confidence on a motorcycle:

1. Accept the Risks and Move On
2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course
3. Always Wear Protective Gear
4. Start with a Low Powered Bike
5. Practice in Empty Lots and Work Your Way Up
6. Be a Defensive Rider
7. Get Roadside Assistance

The point of this blog is not to eliminate fear, but to manage it. You still want enough of it if you plan on riding more the next day and continue to build confidence on your motorbike.

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