Motorcycles -Only Traffic Stop, Midtown Manhattan

The NYPD is conducting motorcycle -specific enforcement details in midtown Manhattan on weekend evenings. Their tactic is to stop all motorcycle riders regardless of whether or not they are suspected of any infraction, and to treat them like crap.

The motorcycle and scooter riders of New York City are sick and tired of being treated like criminals while motorists’ ever increasing distracted and careless driving continues to drive up motorcyclists’ fatality rates.

This practice of focusing on motorcycles is nothing new. The NYPD has conducted almost two dozen motorcycle -only checkpoints that we know of this summer (as reported to the NYMSTF by motorcycle and scooter riders). This has been going on for years and gets worse and worse.

Unlike another motorcycle detail on Manhattan’s upper east side just two days before, the cops here insisted on creating a dangerous traffic situation, then attempted to make it even more dangerous to me as well as themselves. Were I to have followed their illegal instructions it would have been a risk to life and limb as well as property.

Motor vehicle laws should be enforced equally among everyone who shares our roadways. This harassment must stop, and New York City should use its resources to help save the lives of motorcycle riders, not abuse their constitutional rights.