Looking Ahead: Best New 2018 Motorcycles

The new model announcement season is an exciting time for motorcyclists, as it’s when we get our first glance at all the latest motorcycles being released in the upcoming year. While AIMExpo, with its extremely early event date (starting on September 22nd), was short on new models, EICMA blew the doors off of 2018 with no less than 37 different new bikes that we covered here on MO.

With so many motorcycles on the menu for next year, we took some time after the Long Beach IMS Media Day to discuss the model year that is just over the horizon. So, strap on your riding gear and get ready for 2018. It looks like it will be a hell of a ride!

For more on the new 2018 motorcycles: http://www.motorcycle.com/features/best-motorcycles-of-2018-mo-video-roundtable.html


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