12 Best Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2017 (Prices and Technical Specs Compared)

If you are worried that the zero emission trend influenced only the cars, trucks and vans, then fear no more. Many motorcycle manufacturers are trying to keep up with the demand for the quiet, fast and efficient transport by electrifying their motorcycle lineup.

While some enthusiasts deny buying motorbikes that don’t produce the iconic motor sound, there are many riders, who enjoy the instant torque that all electric motorcycles have. Who do you support?

Motorcycles reviewed in this video:

NXT One: www.nxtmotors.com/

AERO E-RACER MOTORCYCLE: www.aeromotorcycles.it/

Energica EGO: www.energicamotor.com/energica-ego-electric-motorcycle/

BRUTUS 2: brutusmotorcycle.com/brutus2.html

Lito Sora: soraelectricsuperbike.com/

Alta Motors Redshift SM: www.altamotors.co/redshiftsm/

Lightning Motorcycles LS 218: http://lightningmotorcycle.com/

Johammer J1: www.johammer.com/en/electric-motorcycle/

Victory Empulse TT: www.victorymotorcycles.com/en-

Volt Lacama: www.italianvolt.com/index_EN.html

Zero SR: www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-s/sr.php

Zero FXS: www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-fxs/