Mini motorcycle racing kids

Kids on motorcycles?!? Isn’t that dangerous—and at the same time cool. While the common perception that motorcycling is dangerous can be true—especially for new adult riders on the roadway, this isn’t the case for kids racing on closed circuits. All sports are dangerous whether it’s baseball, football, gymnastics, swimming etc. If it’s a sport, it’s dangerous. No one pitches an 80-mile-an-hour fast ball at a six-year old. Just as a little leaguer starts out with T-ball and gradually moves up to faster pitches, a beginner rider starts on a small and low-to-the ground motorcycle, like a pocket bike.
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New Zealand KTM Mini Motocross Nationals 2013 by Backflips Clothing
RAW: 65cc Motocross Racing
RAW: 65cc 85cc Open ROMP MX LL Area Qualifier

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