Street Bike VS Cops Motorcycle Cop Chases Bikers CRASH Running From Police Chase Stunt Bikes 2016

Street Bike VS Cops Motorcycle Cop Chases Biker Crashes Running Away From Police Stunt Bike Crash Caught On Camera 2016! Bike cop chasing large group of bikers performing illegal extreme motorcycle stunts on the street. Motorcycle crash while bikers run away from cops trying to outrun police officer on police patrol motorcycle after stunt bike cuts off another motorcyclist forcing the rider to grab a hand full of front brake to avoid smashing into biker that cut in front of the rider causing the bikers motorcycle to do an endo an flip over flipping a stoppie right in front of biker cop who is chasing the large pack of motorcycles. Motorbike wreck epic fail street bike accident while running from the cops caught on tape 2016. Angry motorcycle cop points out stunt bike rider trying to single out biker from big group of motorcycle stunt riders performing illegal street bike stunts on a public road as sport bike riders break lots of traffic laws an don’t stop for police running away from cops who chase stunt bikes on police patrol motorcycles attempting to pull over an catch bikers for breaking the law when street bike crashes trying to outrun police chasing pack of bikers. Insane motorcycle vs cops fail when street bike rider wrecks to avoid collision with another motorcycle who swerves in front of rider leaving biker no choice but to hit the brakes hard to try an avoid hitting sport bike who caused the accident. Thank you for watching this street bike vs cops epic fail crash video clip please enjoy!


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